Wicks for Candlemaking

Candle Cocoon carries wicks for candles made from paraffin waxes, soy waxes, beeswax, and gel wax. We have wicks pre-sized and pre-primed for making tealights, votive candles, and containers up to 11.5 inches deep. We also carry the Wave Wick made of wood sustainably harvested in the USA. In addition, you can find un-primed flat braid and square braid wicking on spools to make just the length you need for very tall molds and tall tapers. We have a wide range of CD and CDN wicks, EcoWicks, and (just in!) zinc core wicks for our gel wax.

Many pre-tabbed candle wicks may appear to be the same thickness even though they are different wick sizes. Smaller wick sizes tend to have a thicker wax coating in order to offer additional support.  The smaller the actual wick size will have a smaller melt pool than a larger wick size.