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Individual IFRA Scent Information Below.  If you want only the soap and lotion safeties for all our scents

 *Currently Updated as of 11/19/22

Amore Dolce*

Banana Nut Bread*

Blatantly Blueberry*

Brandied Pear*

Brewed Jasmine*

Bunchberry and Moss*

Candy Corn*

Cappuccino Hazelnut*



Chocolate Suede*

Coco Lima*

Coconut Macaroon*

Cranberry, Cardamom and Clove*

Cranberry Compote*

Creme Brulee Cafe*

Crushed Strawberry and Rhubarb*

Cucumber Chaos*

Cucumber Melon*

Daydream Believer*


Dewfruit and Bamboo*

Dragon's Blood*

Eucalyptus Ivy*

Fairy Dust and Twinkle Toes*

Fairy Tale Bliss*

Fallen Leaf*

Floral Symphony*

Frankincense and Myrrh*

Ginger Chiffon*

Ginger Peach*

Herbal Rosemary*

Heritage Tomato Leaf*

Ice Crystals*

Lavender Lullaby*

Lemon Blossom*

Lime Cilantro*

Lovely Lilac*

Malayan Mango*

Masala Chai*

Maui Mt. Pineapple*

Melon, Fig and Apricot*

Midnight Musk*

Mountain Meadow Honey*

Mulberry and Moonbeams*

Neroli de la Luna*

Ooey Gooey Caramel Goodness*

Orange Tea and Crumpets*

Oud, Turmeric and Saffron*

Patchouli Dreams*

Peony White Tea*

Pepper and Port*

Pillow Fight*

Pipes and Patches*

Pumpkin Coffee*

Rainswept Meadow*

Rare Earth*

Raspberry Cordial*

Red Banana*

Rose Petals and Cream*

Sage and Chamomile*



Share My Moon*


Spiced Apple Pie*

Sugar Shanty*

Sultry Angel*

Sun-warmed Sandalwood*

https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0036/3200/5233/files/Sunflower_and_Sea_Mist_50th_Done_-_On_Website_a38f0678-8349-4fcf-969d-4b9f5e84492b.docx?v=1668299670Sunflower and Sea Mist*

Surf's Up*


Tiger Lily and Cantaloupe*


Vanilla Voodoo*

White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle*

Winter Woodlands Whisper*

XO Cognac and Vanilla Orchid*