All Sizes Fragrance Oils

All of Candle Cocoon's fragrance oils always have been and always will be phthalate free.  They are as concentrated as possible with no extra solvents.  Each one is unique and takes 6 months to 4 years to have developed.  Each our our scents is tested and tested and tested.  We test for scent throw and wick size among other things.  We test BEFORE the scents get to you!

***All fragrance and essential oils are heat and light sensitive.  We ship in opaque plastic bottles to save on gas (glass is heavy). But unused oils should be transferred to amber bottles and stored in a cool dark and dry place if not used within a month or two.

****Don't forget the discount!  Just had a customer get an almost FREE pound of oil.  She had 4 pounds and 2 - 8oz in her cart.  She bumped up the 8oz to pounds to get the 12% discount.  It was only $.52 more to get the 6 pounds!  Questions - let us know!

*Our Tested Usage is the percentage that we would use to sell our finished product.  It doesn't mean it is the amount you have to use.  Various candle systems have different needs and you may need a little more or less given your own system.  As always testing is important to determine your usage rate.