Be Mine - Valentine Sample Set

Be Mine - Valentine Sample Set

  • $24.00

Who doesn't love love!  This sample pack have everything covered from self love, friend love, family love and even lust love.  I hope you enjoy it!

Save money getting the sample pack.

Sample Pack includes 5-1oz sample bottles.

  • Rose Petals and Cream - Not quite a traditional rose, this is SO MUCH better!  Such a beautiful scent.
  • White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle - Pure decadence.  It is like savoring an incredible Godiva Truffle.
  • Amore Dolce - Sweet love.  Pure and innocent.  Very complex scent that will give your heart wings.
  • Chocolate Suede - A very sensuous scent.  More on the naughty end of the Valentine's Day spectrum.  If you like the bad boys (or girls) this one is for you.
  • Sultry Angel - Chalk another one up for the naughty column.  This one is definitely intended for a romantic evening.

Sorry no substitutions. Feel free to order other samples!