Teagen's Favs -  Sample Set

Teagen's Favs - Sample Set

  • $24.00

Teagen is incredible to have working with us!  No job is too big our too small.  Currently she is handling a lot of our website updates and pours lots and lots scents for orders.  And the speed that she can pour is just amazing!  That's a lot of pouring so she knows all of the scents really well! 

Her choices are totally unique.  No pattern here!

Picture if of Teagen's dog Stella Blue.

Get all 5 in a 1oz sample size.

Vanilla Voodoo - Not your everyday vanilla!  Something so special.

Pipes and Patches - A warm and homey feel.

Melon, Fig and Apricot  - Gotta have the sweet scents!

Cranberry, Cardamom and Clove - A little spicy and a whole lotta wow!

Red Banana - Makes you go to that "good place".