Temperatures for Gel Wax Usage

Gel Wax Usage - There is no hard and fast rules for making gel wax candles.  The table provided is a starting point.  Testing of product needs to be done that is specified for your particular needs and usage.
  • Please keep in mind that the following temperatures that are given from the manufacturer are estimates and may need to be adjusted as much as +/-10°C . 
  • The inclusion of fragrance oil or other ingredients will affect the temperatures given below due to their flash points or composition.
  • When adding fragrance oil or other non-polar soluble ingredients blend thoroughly to fully incorporate into gel wax.  (~2 minutes.)
  • Use only gel safe fragrance oils.
 Temperatures for Gel Wax Usage

Mixing and Blending other Ingredients into the Gel.

  i.e. dye and fragrance.

203°F - 221°

(95°C - 105°C)

Pouring Candle

185°F - 203°F

(85°C - 95°C)

Loss of Air Bubbles

167°F - 185°F

(75°C - 85°C)

Stiffening of Gel

140°F - 167°F


Oven temperature for Air Bubble Removal of Gel

131°F - 158°F

(55°C - 70°C)

These temperature ranges have been developed from Penreco's experience in the lab while working with the candle gels and should not be considered recommendations for manufacturing conditions. In a manufacturing environment, other factors may be important which cannot be predicted or simulated in a laboratory.