Blank Label Sheets 25UP.

Blank Label Sheets 25UP

  • $3.00

Create your labels with these high quality Inkjet/Laser labels. These sheets will work in laser & inkjet printers, copiers & printing presses. Great for warning labels!

Click Here for Free Warning Label Template!

To use the template simply down load it to your computer and open in Word.  You may need to click the "Edit" button.  Then, simply add your Company information and candle weight to the bottom and you are ready to print.

High quality paper & adhesive.
Square cornered rectangle.
Fade and discolor resistant.
Matte Finish.

Specifications:Sheet Dimensions: height: 11" width: 8.5"Label Dimensions - decimals: height: 2" width: 1.5Label Dimensions - fractions: height: 2" width: 1 1/2"Number of Labels: across:
5 per column:
5 per sheet: