CD Wick--2.5" long - candle-cocoon

CD Wick--2.5 in. long

  • $1.00

2.25" Tall. Contact us if you need help selecting appropriate wick style. Perfect length for votives. All wicks are tabbed. CD5, CD6, CD7 CD8 and CD10. CD5 work with many scents for paraffin votives. CD8 and CD10 work for many scents with many soy and natural waxes. CD8 and CD10 may also work for hard to wick scents done in paraffin. For hard to wick scents in soy and natural waxes use 12" wicks in the appropriate CD or CDN size and cut to fit. For greater cost reduction order 12" long CD8 or CD10 and cut and re-tab. You can get 5 votive wicks out of one 12" length! All CD wicks come pre-tabbed on one end. If you are cut to make smaller wicks you will need more tabs. Additional Wick tabs may be purchased separately.