Millennium Soy - Container Wax

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Millennium Container-- Choose Pound or Case (45 pounds ) quantities from the pull down bar.

Millennium Container Soy blend is designed for better color retention less frosting, smoother tops, and ultimate scent throw. Millennium wax has been reformulated within the last few years. For best results please follow the exact directions.  Formerly known as Enchanted Lites (EL).

Heat to 160F before adding scent, dye or additives.

Melt Point: ~125F
Max Fragrance Load:
12% or 2oz per pound*
Physical Appearance:
White Pellet
Composition: 99.% Soy .1% Botanical
100% Natural
Applications: Tea lights, Melts, Containers

*Used to be 7% Max Fragrance Load.  You do NOT need 12% oil if your fragrances are concentrated!

The Millennium blend is a combination of soy (99.9%) and other botanical ingredients. No paraffin or petroleum products.

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