Gel Candles.

Gel Candles

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Candle gel is the hottest new product in candle crafting. This new product (95% mineral oil, 5% resin) is transparent, is extremely easy to clean up, and has a significantly longer burning time than traditional waxes. Author Kaila Westerman gives the basics of gel candle crafting in ten easy steps, then explores the endless possibilities for creating special effects and embediments such as glass, botanicals, shells, stones, and pieces of solid paraffin candle wax. Readers can create candles that look like rainbows, aquariums, seascapes, playful sodas and other drinks, and more. Since gel candles cannot stand alone, each design is enhanced by wonderful whimsical, vintage, or even sophisticated containers. This book contains 40 Creative Projects by C. Kaila Westerman, 144 pages; 7" x 10"; Full-color photographs thoughout; Paperback. ISBN 1-58017-390-X