Herbal Rosemary™ - candle-cocoon

Herbal Rosemary™ - Fragrance Oil

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Herbal Rosemary fragrance oil is like a lazy stroll in a formal English garden. Ivy twines around everything. You pick the soft leaf of a rosemary plant and gently rub it between your fingers. Clean and invigorating, it tingles your nostrils as it clears your mind. Contains essential oils--almost 75%!


T: Rosemary Twigs, Rosemary Leaf, Eucalyptus Leaves

M:  French Lavender

B: Balsam, Sugarcane

*Our Tested Candle Usage

Paraffin Wax - 4.375% (.7oz/lb)

GW464 Soy Wax - 5% (.8oz/lb)

Our Tested Wick Size Using GW464: CDN14 per 3" diameter.

Results may vary depending on micro-climate and technique.
More test result


Gel safe:
Soap MAX: 12.6%
Lotion MAX: 28.6%
See IFRA for all usages

Flashpoint >120F
Phthalate free!

Color Suggestion: Sea foam
Wax Qty Color
Paraffin Wax 1 Flutter Dye
1/2 Flutter Dye
Island Marble
Karner Blue
Soy Wax 2 Flutter Dyes
1 Flutter Dye
Island Marble
Karner Blue

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