Pour Pot--Aluminum.

Pour Pot - Pouring Pitcher - Aluminum

  • $21.00

This seamless aluminum pour pot has a plastic handle so it is cool to the touch. This pour pot holds about four pounds of wax. It is seamless so it won't leak wax.

  • Made in USA
  • Hold about 4 pounds of wax
  • Aluminum body
  • "Cool touch" handle
  • Pouring spot for cleaner pours
  • Measures 8" Tall and 5.5" Diameter
  • Seamless - won't leak out the sides!
  • Clean with hot water and soap before the first use.  Especially under the lip as machining oils build up there.

NOTE from owner - The easiest way to clean the pour pot is the Candle Cocoon "Dirty Clean"  You will need a reasonably full reserve of melted wax to make this work.  First let as much wax drip out of the pot as possible.  If it is a dark color wipe some out with a paper towel.  Then take clean melted wax from the reserve and put into the pour pot.  Swish and pour wax back into the wax reserve.  Sniff pot.  If scent and color are gone you are done.  Otherwise repeat.  The tiny amount of residual scent/color in the reserve are generally not enough to do any damage to future candles.  We have been doing this for 30 years and love it.  So fast and easy!

***Use best judgement.  If scent is very strong/dark you may want to pour into a separate container and use at a later time. 

Another note - Do not store wax in pour pot.  Pour wax into a bread pan or other item to allow to cool.  Wax stored in pot will take a lot longer to re-melt.