Mother's Day Sample Set

Mother's Day Sample Set

  • $23.00

Mother's Day is a special time to enjoy with you mom or the mother like people in your life.  Beautiful smelling flowers are always enjoyed.  And maybe a pot of Peony White Tea.  And a nice chat. Get all 5 in a 1oz sample size.

Peony White Tea - No flower smell, really.  It is named after a type of white tea that is shaped like a peony.  I repeat, it doesn't smell like a peony.  BUT, it is an incredibly unusual and calming scent.  Perfect to share with mom.

Lavender Lullaby - This has got to be the prettiest lavender scent that I have ever smelled.  It really is like falling asleep in a lavender field.

Brewed Jasmine - Another tea scent.  But this time the tea is made with Jasmine.  I love it because it is a toned down floral with more earthiness.

Floral Symphony - This one gets me incredibly excited.  I didn't think that I liked floral scents but I am just in love with this one.  See if you can pick out all of the different flowers!

Tiger Lily and Cantaloupe - I would have to say this is the most unexpected combo that really works.  A lush green mixed with sweet.  Gotta try it to believe it!