Not all Scent is Created Equal

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There are two basic reasons why candle fragrances oils can vary drastically in price;  The amount of raw materials used and the quality of those raw materials.  Let's say I was having a lavender scent made. I was originally offered about 12 different samples of lavender from just one scent manufacturer.  The samples were all different types/qualities of lavender.  Some differences are subtle and some differences are incredible.  It was hard to believe that some of those horrible scents could even call themselves lavender.  Bleck.  Phooey Phooey. 

Once I found the lavender that I loved.  I MEAN LOVED.  I found that I could get the same lavender at the $28 per pound price, $17 per pound price or the $6.00 per pound price.  Now, how can THAT be?  It is the same scent.

It is simple.
The $28 per pound price it is 99% top shelf lavender raw  materials and 1% carrier oil.  (Picture B)
The $17 per pound is about 25% top shelf lavender and 75% carrier oils.  (Picture A)
And well the $6.00 per pound is about 1% top shelf lavender and 99% carrier oil.   (The exact opposite of Picture B.)

Fragrance Oil raw fragrance oil amount comparison.
Picture A                           Picture B
Now, I could purchase any of these and call them uncut (I didn't cut them) but as you can see to get the least expensive $6.00 per pound oil it is indeed cut at the manufacturer.

Then there is the question of complexity.  Any time you mix different scents together you run the risk of the scent not working.  It takes more time and effort and thus, is more expensive.

Also, the more raw fragrance materials (scent) the deeper the scent throw.  You can get a very strong smelling scent with just a mono note and a bunch or solvent.  But it will always be "missing something".  The depth of scent that comes with complexity is what makes truly interesting scents.  Customers may not even know why but they are almost always drawn to the more complex scents.

And out of all of the candle making supplies that you use to make a candle I would have to say that the scent is the most important ingredient when it comes to creating the best smelling candle.  Other factors are important.  Don't get me wrong.  But scent is THE most important. It is the reason that someone will buy your candle.

At Candle Cocoon we want the best candle with the best scent throw.  So you can guess which price point we offer.   Lavender Lullaby

You may also ask why any solvent would be used at all in a fragrance oil.  To put it simply, a small amount is needed to help the fragrance oil stabilize.  For more on this there are other blog posts. 

Hope you enjoyed this quick little primer.  For more in depth information please visit  
Why do prices of fragrance oils vary?

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