Need Help With Candle Making/Business?

We can help save a lot of time, money and frustration.  If you are new to candle making, expanding your craft or have business related questions we can help. Is your candle not working out?  Not sure what project to work on to expand your business?  Want to bounce questions off someone without bias?  We can help.

Hi, I am Lyschel Bersch.  Owner of Candle Cocoon.  I have over 35 years in the candle making field.  I started out getting my paraffin in a milk barn.  I started developing my own scents out of frustration with what was available on the market.  I created my own dye line when the main dye manufacturer for small candle makers went out of business.  Through everything I always strive to be as open, honest, caring, ethical and environmental as possible.  I love talking to and helping people with candle making.

I also have a few Natural Science degrees and some chemistry knowledge.  Not trying to brag, just want to lay out my strengths if you choose to talk with me you know where I get my basis of understanding.

There is just so much static out there that I can help you cut though. 

If you have questions that you would like help with and want to talk to me one on one please see if the times that are available work for you.  Need help faster?  Email us and we may be able to set up a time.

If you have a simple product question email (or click these links) - "What is the Flash Point of Spiced Apple Pie?"  "Where are the IFRAs" How do I get to the blog? How do I creat an account?  Things like that.  We are more than happy to help!