Tigerlily and Cantaloupe™ - candle-cocoon

Tiger Lily and Cantaloupe™ - Fragrance Oil

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Tiger Lily and Cantaloupe™ --An unexpectedly beautiful scent! Rich intense Tiger Lily blended with hints of other floras. Chamomile with velvety mimosa and white cyclamen, blend with green pear and fresh juicy cantaloupe.


T: Crisp Bergamot, Mandarin Peel, Watermelon, Empire Apple, Mimosa, Green Pear, Fresh Greens

M: Cantaloupe, Lily, Geranium, Clover, Chamomile, White Cyclamen

B: Raspberry Sugar, Tonka Bean, Amber, Cedar, Musk

*Our Tested Candle Usage

Paraffin Wax - 4.375% (.7oz/lb)

GB464 Soy Wax - 5% (.8oz/lb)

Our Tested Wick Size Using GW464: CDN16 per 3" diameter.

Results may vary depending on micro-climate and technique.
More test results

Gel Safe: YES
Soap MAX: 14.7%
Lotion MAX: 8.8%
See IFRA for all usages

Flashpoint: >200F
Phthalate FREE!

Color Suggestion: Fire Touched Peachy-Orange
Wax Qty Color
Paraffin Wax 1 Flutter Dye
1/2 Dye Diamond
Jack O'Lantern
Flowering Fuchsia
Soy Wax 2 Flutter Dyes
1 Dye Diamond
Jack O'Lantern
Flowering Fuchsia

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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First of all, Candle Cocoons customer service and fast processing cannot be beat! But this FO.. .oh my word I love this FO! There is simply not better balanced floral/fruity FO. It's clean, soft, sweet (but not too sweet) and just stunning. I have tried a lot of new FOs this summer and this is by far my absolute favorite. The HT in 6006 is outstanding (filled my open concept) and I made a room spray with it too. You won't regret buying this one!